There are two levels of staff member within the game. All of whom have associated powers within our Discord channel.

Community Moderators (CMs)

CMs are players of the game, they cannot Mod Kill or Ban; but they do have the power to stop players from using community features (such as comments, messages, and the forum) and they also moderate our Discord channel - and manage Syndicate channels and access on behalf of the admins.

Game Moderators (GMs) and Admins

GMs are not players of the game, and their sole purpose is the moderation of the game and enforcement of its rules, as well as carrying out administrative tasks, such as issuing bonds.

The difference between GMs and Admins is that Admins have system administrative responsibility, such as server uptime, and are usually involved in the development of the game.

Moderator Code of Conduct

  1. With great power, comes great responsibility. Don't abuse it.

  2. You must act impartially, with the best interests of the game at heart

  3. You will not do anything which would provide unfair advantage or disadvantage to other players

  4. Treat all players with respect

  5. Obey the game rules, and terms of service at all times, using your moderator powers to enforce these where appropriate