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Game Activities
In the game there are many activities, these have various outcomes generally creating resources, generating cash, and earning experience.

Solo Play Activities

Solo play activities are activities which players can complete without requiring interaction or intervention with other players.

Jail Bust

When you visit the jail you will see other players who are in jail in your location, and a button to bust them out. Your chances of being successful are based on your rank vs the other player's rank, your strength and speed, and the friendliness or hostility of your current location.
There is no timer on attempting or jail busts. If you fail, there is a chance you will end up in jail. Attempting a jail bust, whether failed or successful, will earn experience.


You can fight once a minute. There are three possible outcomes of a fight, a win, a loss, or being busted. The higher your strength, the more likely you are to win. The higher your speed, the less likely you are to be busted.

Petty Crime

Petty Crimes are bread and butter for new players earning experience and cash. Petty crimes can be attempted every two minutes, and will earn experience regardless of outcome. There are three possible outcomes, success (earning cash and experience), failure (earning experience), or jail (earning a stay in prison, and experience).
Your rank and strength will factor into your success rate, whilst having a higher speed rating will factor in whether or not you are busted if you fail.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Autos allow you to attempt to steal a car from different locations. You will earn experience for every attempt. Successful attempts will earn you a car, though it will likely be damaged and need repair.
Strength will factor into your success rate, whilst speed will factor into whether you are busted following a failed attempt.
GTAs can be attempted every 4 minutes.

Drug Dealing

Drug dealing allows you to sell drugs you have on hand, earning cash and experience. There is a chance that you lose the drugs trying to run from the Police, or that you get busted. If you are successful you will earn a handsome profit on the value of your drugs.
Your location standing impacts your success rating. You can deal drugs every 5 minutes.


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Getaway Driving

Information coming soon.

Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking allows you to buy and sell drugs by the Kilogram, at the wholesale rate for your location. Drug prices change at half past every hour.

Handling Stolen Goods

Information coming soon.

Drug Lab

The Drug Lab allows you to attempt to produce your own batches of drugs. Which drugs you can produce depends upon your rank, whilst the amount you can produce in a single batch depends upon your skill as a drug producer.

Engineering Workshop

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Multiplayer Activities

Instructional guide coming soon.

Player vs Player Activities

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