Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play this game?

By navigating through the different items in the navigation and committing crimes and carrying out other activities. Activities earn a range of currencies including cash, bullets, and drugs.

What happens if I die?

When you die your character is lost. You will need to respawn (no additional registration is required), any properties that you owned may be picked up by other players. Your cash, bullets, drugs, and anything else you were holding are lost.

When you respawn you will gain the bonds you had on your previous character automatically, you will also retain some experience and rank.

How do I defend myself?

You can't stop yourself from dying, but you can potentially kill your attacker, and make it much harder for a successful hit to be carried out on yourself.

Things which will help you survive are your rank, the higher rank you are - the more bullets required to kill you, hiding in your safehouse, if you are in a Syndicate you will get a location bonus if you are in the Syndicate's home location, purchasing protection, setting a fireback weapon and strategy (and having bullets on hand) will all help you stay alive.

How do I make money?

By committing activities in game, it's not advisable to message other players asking them for money; they don't all take kindly to this.

What are Bonds (or Bearer Bonds)

Bearer Bonds (or Bonds) are paid currency in the game which can be redeemed for a number of perks.