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The airport allows you to travel to other locations for a price. Be wary when travelling carrying drugs else you may be busted. You will have more chance of being busted the more drugs you have on hand. Your chance of being busted will also increase if you are travelling into enemy territory.
When travelling into enemy territory there is a chance that, once disembarking the plane, that you will be spotted by local henchmen and attacked.
Players can only travel once every hour, unless a timer reset is purchased with bearer bonds.
Airports can be owned by players.


The armoury is where you can purchase weaponry. Armouries can be owned by players.

Bullet Factory

Bullet factories can be owned by players and are of huge tactical advantage. Bullet factories are where players can purchase bullets, as long as they are in stock.
It is the responsibility of the owner of the Bullet Factory to replenish the stock of bullets. Bullets cost £25,000 each to produce. The owner of the Bullet Factory sets the resale price. Additionally, the owner of the Bullet Factory can produce bullets for themselves, at cost price.


The bank allows players to send money to other players, and to open savings accounts. Banks can be owned by players, and they make money from the 5% transfer fee of all transactions, the 5% is paid to the owner of the bank at which the transfer originated, e.g. if Player 1 is in London, and Player 2 is in Amsterdam, when Player 1 sends £100,000 to Player 2, the owner of London Money Transfer Agency will receive £5,000.


The garage allows you to manage the vehicles which you own. Here you can perform a number of actions on these vehicles, including;
  1. 1.
    Repairing them for usage in a job, or to be sold. It is always profitable to repair a vehicle before sale. Vehicles cannot be used in any activity unless they are repaired.
  2. 2.
    Bombing the vehicle equips it with a remotely detonated incendiary device. This means that in the event of another player stealing it, the vehicle will detonate, damaging their health.
  3. 3.
    Cleaning the vehicle removes any identifying marks, thus enabling the vehicle to be used in many lucrative activities.
  4. 4.
    Armour plating is required for some jobs, it also makes the vehicle considerably more difficult to steal
  5. 5.
    Transporting the vehicle to your current location
  6. 6.
    Transferring the vehicle to a player of your choosing
Garages can be owned by players


Visiting the gym allows you to work out, improving your Strength and Speed. These attributes are important in successfully committing tasks, and evading police.
Gyms can be owned by players.


The hospital allows you to refill the health of your character when it drops below 100% - while you are in hospital you will not be able to carry out any other actions.
Hospitals can be owned by players, and it costs £10,000 per percent of health, and will take 1 minute per percent to recover.
Hospitals can be owned by players.


Your Safehouse is somewhere for you to store goods and lay low. Safehouses cost to be built, and they have upkeep costs which must be paid in order to keep the Safehouse in good working order.
You can have one safehouse per location. Once you have built a safehouse you can upgrade it, giving more capacity to store cash and vehicles.
Hiding in your safehouse makes it much more difficult to be killed.

Car Showroom

The Car Showroom allows players to purchase vehicles from the game. Vehicles are marked up by around 40%, meaning if you were to buy a vehicle to sell it, you would lose money. However, the vehicles are readily available.
Car showrooms can be owned by players.
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