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Game Staff

There are two types of staff in Mafia Online. The first are Game Moderators and Administrators (GMs).

Game Moderators and Administrators (GMs)

Currently the only Game Administrator is JohnoTheKid. But all GMs are expected to be professional (ish) and impartial to game politics and such.
They have administrative control to see almost any data within the game, and power to mod kill, ban, and various other things.
GMs do not play the game, they are there for system administration and maintenance.

Game Administrators

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Game Moderators

There are currently no Game Moderators

Community Moderators (CMs)

CMs are players of the game, with very few additional powers and responsibilities. The powers which CMs have are strictly related to community features, such Forum Moderation and the ability to moderate and mute players from community features in game and on Discord.
Community Moderators play a vital part in the community of the game, and act as an excellent bridge between players and I (JTK), so that I can concentrate on improving the game, developing new features, and such.
CMs will generally be as helpful as possible to all players. But they are players, they can get involved in wars and everything else, if they are so inclined.

Community Moderators

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